Deductive Tasting 102: Practice Makes Perfect

Meet our Sommelier Team

For this masterclass lesson, our Sommelier team has each tackled one element of the Deductive Tasting process. The videos below outline their analyses of each stage and how to build the framework for your own deductive tastings.

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Look: The visual inspection of the wine under neutral lighting.

Smell: Identify aromas by breathing through your nose.

Taste: Assess both the taste structure (sour, bitter, sweet) and flavors derived by breathing.

Think & Conclude: Develop a complete profile of the wine.

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Deductive Tasting Collections

Crafted by trained Augusta Vin sommeliers, this downloadable “Virtual Sommelier” seminar gives you in-home resources toward learning the art of deductive tastings. We designed informative, deductive tasting mats that unlock the taste like a professional sommelier mystery. It also creates an enlightening way to stay safe with friends and family by hosting an in-home educational experience. Sets have two tasting platforms, white or red, using three sommelier selected wines from the Augusta Vin portfolio.

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2018 Aglianico "Reserve Estate" Deductive Breakdown

Interested in our breakdown from today’s 2018 Reserve Estate Aglianico Tasting? Check out our notes below, or visit our masterclass blog on our website here! This wine will be available for purchase soon, so check in with us on social media for more details.


Clarity: Clear & Bright

Concentration: Medium

Color: Garnet heart with Ruby rim

100% Aglianico  | 100% Estate | 100% Texas


Intensity: Moderate

Age: Young

Fruit: Bright Red Cherries and Strawberries

Non-Fruit: Pie Spice, Green Peppercorns, Dill

Wood: American Oak


Sweetness: Dry

Fruit: Sun-ripened black cherries, blackberry brambles

Non-Fruit: Leaf tobacco, Coconut

Mineral: Slate

Wood: American Oak

Bitterness: Moderate

Tannin: Moderate

Acid: Bright

Alcohol: Moderate-plus

Balance: Smooth & polished

Aglianico Pairings

When pairing an Aglianico, we like to first consider its bright acidity. For our 2018 Reserve Aglianico, our favorite dishes to recommend are Texas BBQ, bison burgers, wild mushrooms with heirloom tomatoes & burrata, tomato pasta dishes, and, of course, an antipasto or charcuterie plate.

Tasting Notes by:
Andre Boada, Advanced Sommelier – Augusta Vin
April Fischer, Sommelier – Augusta Vin, Tasting Room Manager
Katie Bishop, Sommelier – Augusta Vin, Wine Club Manager
Marshall Serano, Sommelier – Augusta Vin

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