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Artisan Winemaking: Rosé History & Design

As the weather warms and Texas adopts its traditional summer climate, we at Augusta Vin find that our palates begin to shift, craving crisp and refreshing wines to combat the heat. With an incredible menu fit for any wine preference, our rosé selection is expanding in celebration of International Rosé

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Deductive Tasting 102: Practice Makes Perfect

Meet our Sommelier Team For this masterclass lesson, our Sommelier team has each tackled one element of the Deductive Tasting process. The videos below outline their analyses of each stage and how to build the framework for your own deductive tastings. Be sure to check out our new masterclass blog section to

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Artisan Winemaking: Tannin Talks

“Tannins.” It’s an iconic word in wine enthusiast conversations, but its real meaning and use often remains unclear. This masterclass will review the importance of tannins, where they come from and how to recognize them, as well as explore their impact on the artisan winemaking processes at Augusta Vin. What

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Introduction to Viticulture

There are few views in the world more magical than a lush vineyard path leading up to your favorite winery. At Augusta Vin, our vineyard team takes special care to maintain our Estate vines to provide the highest quality grapes possible for our winemaker and, finally, for you! Grape vines

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Texas Wine Laws: What Defines an “Estate”

Augusta Vin is founded on authenticity and quality in every aspect of our wines. We take pride in offering 100% Texas wines and are well on our way to offering a 100% Estate Menu. What does that mean, exactly? Wine labeling laws vary throughout the world, so this week’s masterclass

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Deductive Tasting 101: A Sommelier Introduction

Deductive tasting is the holy grail for sommeliers and the foundation of learning wine appreciation. This article will cover wine tasting and the deductive techniques used by the Court of Master Sommeliers.The best way to practice, use the steps outlined below and remember each time you test your senses, your

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