Artisan Winemaking: Preharvest – Lab & Vineyard

Artisan winemaking is often said to begin in the vineyard, crafting a strategy which defines all the elements of great Estate wines. We at Augusta Vin find that our skillset is vast having expertise in the vineyard that carries over to the winemaker’s lab. It’s a preplanning process that’s critical prior to picking grapes used at fermentation. This Master Class will focus on two important factors: We will begin the vineyard and carry over to a fine tuned lab exercise, all in an effort to show you artisan nature mixed with science. Once these checkpoints are completed the magical word “Crush” comes to life.

Behind the scenes at Augusta Vin Winery: Lab Work with Josiah, Assistant Winemaker

2020 harvest is upon us so our Estate team prepares with timely check points. Goal today, forecast harvest dates for each grape varietal by checking brix levels (sugar in grapes). Ripeness is key yet maintaining balance of acid / PH levels. Come explore this two minute video to learn more.


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