Wine Etiquette 101


Did you know there’s such a thing as wine etiquette? —Of course, there is, given that wine first became popular in Europe and was most likely even invented there, and Europeans do have specific ways of doing everything. But we’ll be the first to say that, at the very surface of it all, wine etiquette can seem like a very snobbish concept.

 And honestly, nothing is stopping you from drinking wine in your favorite mason jar at home—it’s a form of self-care if you ask us. However, out there in the world, you’ve got to be a little more sophisticated, especially if you’re attending—let’s say, a glamorous wine tasting; you’d want to be confident, and basic wine etiquette could help you with that.

Also, believe it or not, some rules of etiquette do have roots in practicality—here are the ones you should focus on.

Hold the Glass Using the Stem

There is a proper way to hold your wine glass, and it’s not how you see most people holding it. Ideally, a wine glass with a stem needs to be held at the stem, and your fingers should not be touching the round part of the glass.

This is important because it keeps you from changing the temperature of your wine by transferring your body’s warmth. Also, holding the glass by the stem keeps it clean and makes it easier to swirl. A person holding a wine glass

Be Subtle with Your Swirling and Sniffing

For starters, you don’t have to go about sniffing every wine—save your sniff tests for the most expensive ones. But even when you are sniffing, be gentle about it. The same goes for swirling—always swirl your wine gently, so it stays within the glass and doesn’t splash out.

Be Mindful When Filling Your Glass

When filling a glass of wine yourself, it’s always a good idea to just fill the glass halfway, or better yet, less than halfway.

 Also, when refilling glasses, always be considerate and pour for others around you before filling up your glass.

Tilt the Flute

Flutes are meant for champagne which, of course, is a particularly fizzy and bubbly beverage. So, when a waiter is topping up your flute, you need to tilt it instead of holding it up straight. When the glass is tilted, the waiter can finish pouring the drink in one go, rather than waiting for the bubble to slowly disappear in a straight glass.

Ask When Unsure  

Sommeliers are wine experts, and they are happy to share their knowledge. So, if you’re ever in a restaurant and are confused about something related to the wine—just ask. There’s no point pretending to be a wine connoisseur when you can even tell apart your Moscato from your Chardonnay!

And if you’d like to learn about wine, take a winery tour in Texas like the ones offered by Augusta Vin. It’s a premier Texas Hill Country winery that offers wine tastings and sommelier tours.

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