What to Wear to a Winery

Something about a winery elicits an air of sophistication and old-world refinery. Deciding on what to wear can sometimes be difficult, as different events call for different attires. Here are some general guidelines to ensure your dress is fitting for a winery:

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Consider the terrain of the winery when choosing the type of shoes to wear. Not all wineries provide seated wine tastings, so your shoes should be as comfortable as possible. Wear flat sandals, wedges, or suitable slides.
Avoid wearing heels so that you won’t trip all over the vineyards and risk twisting your ankle. Uneven terrain like cobblestone can be incompatible with heels. Keep in mind that you may be standing for a while while touring the beautiful scenery. Comfortable shoes can protect your feet from damage.

Go Hands-free

Consider going to wineries hands-free or with a small purse. There may be a variety of activities, such as holding glasses or reading and holding brochures. You may lose the bag amid all these activities.
If you are not comfortable being hands-free, try a cross-body bag or a bag with an easy-open top to easily access your belongings.

Go More Dressy Than Casual

Wine tasting is more like fancy day drinking. Wineries are farms, but with a high-end atmosphere. It may be best to opt for a more classy look than a casual one. Try wearing a lovely dress with a good print, or some slacks with a button-down shirt. You may feel underdressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Wear Chapstick or Stay-All-Day Lipstick

Every lady wants to look excellent and fancy while going wine tasting. Lipstick or make-up is a significant part of their outfit. To avoid going to the bathroom now and then for touch-ups, it can help to apply chapstick only or lipstick that stays all day with smearing.

Avoid Strong Perfume or Cologne

Wine tasting is firmly rooted in your nose. You’ll be sniffing a lot of wine, figuring out which notes are most prominent. Wearing a strong scent can mess with your taste buds and disturb the guests next to you. Try wearing a mild deodorant instead.

Wear White With Caution

There’s nothing odd about wearing white to a winery. White is chic and timeless. You will have to be careful of wine spills and other stains. If white will be hard for you to manage, opt for another color. Darker tones like black or navy can appear class and are less likely to show stains.

Wear Sunscreen

You may be exposed to a lot of sunlight while exploring the vineyards. It can be helpful to apply sunscreen before leaving the house to avoid nasty sunburns. Many wineries are located in sunny areas to help promote grape growth. Make sure you are prepared for the weather and sun-level.

Low-Maintenance Hair

Style your hair in an up-do or slicked back coiffure. Having loose hair all over your face will disrupt your experience. Avoid hair that will be hard to maintain so you can freely enjoy your wine tasting. You can enjoy the delicious wine without worrying about fixing your up-do.

Visiting a Winery

Visiting a winery is an exciting and educational experience. too. It can add to your understanding and appreciation of the wine in your glass. You’ll also get to know fascinating facts about wine.
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