What Takes Place at a Winery?

Are you planning to visit a winery and want to learn about the venue before you visit? Augusta Vin Winery and Vineyards is the best place to start. We are devoted to creating a perfect balance of superior wine and unforgettable experiences. Our team will take you from the panoramic views of the vineyards to the beautiful tasting rooms. You can experience firsthand how we turn quality grapes into fine wine.

3 Activities That Take Place at a Winery

A winery refers to a property where wine is made. Grapes harvested from the vineyards are processed in these buildings. At Augusta Vin, we have a well-maintained facility with storage and fermentation spaces, tasting rooms, event centers, and more. Here are three activities that take place at our facility:

1.    Winemaking

We focus on creating superior-quality wine from organic grapes grown in our vineyards. Winemaking has five basic steps: harvesting, crushing/pressing, fermentation, clarification, and aging/bottling. We harvest ripe grapes from the vineyards and crush them into a must. For white wine, we press the must quickly to prevent the skin color from mixing in.
Red wine is created by letting the wine ferment with its skin. Fermentation takes several days until all the sugar has converted to alcohol with the help of a unique yeast strain. We may stop fermentation slightly early to save some sugar for sweet wine. After fermentation, the wine is clarified through racking, siphoning, and other methods to separate it from the solids.

2.    Wine Tasting

Augusta Vin allows you to taste our rich, flavorful wines in a traditional setting. The wine tasting tours offer special seats for club members, and you’ll get to explore different types of white, red, and sparkling wines. Our tasting room experience takes place in a two-story, timber-framed building and features wines served in a variety of styles.
Wine tasting is inseparable from the winery experience, and many consider it the main activity. At Augusta Vin, we have knowledgeable staff to help guide you through the process. You can reserve your seat or join others for standard tasting. We have everything from newly pressed grape juice to aged wines of the finest quality.

3.    Tours and Events

A tour features everything from visiting the vineyards to tasting the final product and attending entertainment events. Augusta Vin has VIP tours for our club members. You’ll explore the full winemaking experience, learning the meticulous processes involved in creating our premium wines. The exclusive excursion is guided by experienced and knowledgeable staff.
You can ask questions throughout the tour of the fields, fermentation room, and other sections of the facility. We have fun events involving “Sips and Sounds” live performances. Listen to beautiful music while sipping the best wines from the Hill Country.

Join Our Wine Club

If you’ve been planning a wine tour, Augusta Vin Winery and Vineyards is a perfect destination in the Texas Hill Country. We have large vineyards, a clean facility, and exciting experiences and events. You can join our wine club today to enjoy varying levels of involvement. Members will receive four wine shipments each year and other benefits. Reserve your exclusive seating on the second floor of our tasting room or join other VIPs in the members-only balcony.
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