Pairing Wine with Salmon? Here’s What You Need to Know


Pairing Wine with Salmon? Here’s What You Need to Know

Many people find the process of pairing salmon with wine tricky, but it’s actually not that difficult if you keep a few important notes in mind. Generally, salmon comes in a lot of variety, and there are many ways to prepare it. The wine you choose to drink with your salmon depends on both these factors, i.e., its type and preparation. 

So, if you’ve been confused between red and white wine for the salmon dinner tonight, this should serve as a guide. 

Is Red Wine and Salmon A Total No-Go? 

You’ve probably heard that red wine does not pair well with salmon. This is mostly true. Red wines are typically bolder and high in tannins, so they don’t taste that good with salmon. This is especially true for full-bodied red wines. The combination doesn’t work since the fish and wine overpower each other’s flavors almost completely, and you get a strange metallic taste.

However, if you still want to pair red wine with salmon, the trick is to choose a low-tannin wine, like Prieto Picudo or Beaujolais. These wines are low-tannin, so they may work with richer varieties of Salmon. 

What Kind of Wine Can You Have with Plain Salmon?

You can choose oak-aged white wine for a plain salmon that’s slow-roasted to a delicate and soft texture. Make sure to find something with underlying nutty or brulee notes. These will help add texture and spice to the simple fish. 

If you’re looking for something richer, you can go with aged white Rioja, Chardonnay, or perhaps even Semillon. These stronger wines will create a stronger taste overall. 

On the other hand, if you want something lighter to serve as a palate cleanser, then go with a Vermentino or Sauvignon Blanc.  

A plate of salmon next to a glass of white wine

What Should You Choose for A Roasted Salmon Served with A Cream Sauce?

There’s nothing better than perfectly poached or roasted salmon with a creamy herbal and lemony sauce. The only thing that could tie the experience together and make it even better is the perfect wine pairing. 

There are quite a few wine types to pair with this. Choose between oak-aged Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blanc (warm climate type), Semillon, or oak-aged Vermentino. These are all perfect pairings and can really help you get the most out of your salmon dinner.

What About Smoked Salmon, Though?

Smoked salmon is another crowd-pleaser and is often served at breakfasts, on toast with cream cheese and capers. Not everyone prefers wine early in the day, but an occasional glass with your smoked salmon toast couldn’t hurt, right?

Try pairing the smoked salmon with sparkling or even bolder rose wines. These will have the perfect acidity and flavor to work with the salty and fishy taste. 

If you’d like to order wine to pair with dinner, check out our exclusive selection at Augusta Vin. As one of the most popular Fredericksburg wineries, we offer a great wine collection for you. We also offer sommelier tours and red and white wine tasting, where you can learn more about wine pairings!

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