How To Store Wine At Home


Wine is a sophisticated drink that deserves to be stored in a proper wine cellar, but most homes today don’t have this luxury, nor do they have the space to build one. But the thing about wine is that whether you’re dealing with one vintage bottle or several regular table wines from the best wineries in Texas—unless they’re stored properly, they might all start tasting like vinegar.

So, if you really want to retain their unique flavors as well as the aroma, you have to put some thought into wine storage. These aren’t any elaborate measures either to help you “age” wine at home; these are some simple tips that will help you store wine better so that they don’t get spoiled too early.

Here’s what you need to do.

Store at the Proper Temperature

The most important thing many people get wrong is storing their wine at the proper temperature and humidity levels. Your wine should ideally be stored in a cool, dry space where the temperature is somewhere between 45 to 65 degrees. Anything higher or lower would spoil the wine.

Also, the humidity level is also crucial and should be around 70%.  If the humidity is too low, it will dry out the corks, but if it’s too high, it will result in mold.

Stack the Bottles Horizontally 

Wine bottles stored in a glass cabinet horizontally

Generally, you should remember to always store corked bottles horizontally in the wine rack. This keeps the cork in contact with the wine, making it moist—it won’t dry out and cause seepage this way.

Store Wine Away from Vibration and Light

No matter how long you need to store your wine, you need to keep it in a dark space, away from the sunlight. This is mostly because the UV rays can affect the wine’s natural aroma and flavor.

Also, to keep it in the dark, you may consider storing it in the basements, but reconsider if you have your washer and dryer in the same area. Vibrations from these electronic items, including stereo systems and exercise equipment, can also disrupt the wine’s natural aging process.

Make Sure There Are No Strong Odors Around

A lot of people store their wine in the kitchen pantry, and while it may seem like the best option, it probably isn’t. The cork on your wine bottles is a porous material that allows the wine to breathe. When kept in the pantry, the wine bottles will be exposed to all kinds of strong odors like those from food, trash, garlic, and so on. The smells will penetrate through the cork and taint the delicate wine.

Try Not to Hoard Wine

This is one thing most people don’t realize, but there’s no point in hoarding more wine than you ever consume. Sure, it makes sense to invest in a vintage bottle and store it for a special occasion, but not all wine is meant to be stored for the long term.

Believe it or not, most wines have an expiration date, mostly a year or two from their production date. Even if it’s not mentioned on the label, you should consume your wine within a year for the best taste and aroma.

In fact, we suggest you join our Hill Country Wine Club at Augusta Vin, and we’ll send you 4 regular shipments of wine every year. This way, you’ll always have a steady but controlled flow of wine into your home that you can easily store.

If you’d like to learn more about our wine, come over for a seated wine tasting at one of the best Fredericksburg wineries.

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