Bacon Deviled Eggs and Rosé Wine (A Perfect Pairing for Springtime Gatherings!)

As warmer weather approaches, not only do we ‘lighten up’ by swapping out heavy coats, winter hats and gloves, we also make the switch from heavier wines to lighter wines. With this switch, we embrace lighter, flavorful dishes that pair perfectly with lighter-bodied wines. 


When it comes to Springtime food and wine pairings, there are some basic rules of thumb to keep in mind as the goal is to match the intensity of the wine with the intensity of the food. First, seek wines that are lighter in body, which are made from grape-skins that have less tannins. Tannins add body to wines and it can disrupt the lighter meals’ flavorful seasonings and ingredients. Since lighter-bodied wines typically age in stainless steel and concrete vats, it keeps them free of heavy tannins and the extra compounds found in oak barrels. Second, keep the alcohol levels (ABVs) low as wine’s alcohol content determines the body and weight. Since low-alcohol wines have less body, it’s easier to complement lighter dishes with its weight.


A great example of a delicious Springtime food and wine pairing is deviled eggs topped with bacon paired with a glass of still or sparkling rosé. Deviled eggs are a hit at any gathering, and its endless toppings and herb variations make them a preferred party hors d’oeuvres. Yes, it’s true that eggs aren’t the easiest food to pair with wine due to its umami flavor that coats your mouth, which dulls the flavors of wine. This dulling-effect leads to canceling out the wine’s sweetness, body, and fruitiness. Not to mention, the sulfur in eggs can leave a metallic aftertaste on your palate when you take a sip—nevertheless, a delicious egg and wine pairing can be done!  That’s why lighter-style wines like rosé, especially sparkling, work so well because you don’t have to worry about tannins clashing with the egg’s flavors.


Sparkling rosés are so versatile and pair beautifully with the creamy, savory and smoky flavors of bacon deviled eggs. They have refreshingly bright acidity, effervescence and intense red berry flavors. As the sparkling rosés high acidity cuts through the natural richness of the egg, its effervescence cleanses the palate. This effect washes away the mouthfeel of lingering egg yolk, refreshing your taste buds, leaving you to enjoy the wine again.


While they don’t have the bubbles, crisp rosés also have high acidity and its fruit-forward notes will also rest your palate, balancing out the creamy richness of the egg yolk without overpowering the savory and smoky flavors of the bacon deviled eggs. Pale pink roses are perfect for this combination as they are typically produced with thinner-skinned grapes, aiding in fewer tannins. 

Now that you know lighter dishes fare well with lighter wines, try this fantastic food and wine pairing on your own by checking out the deviled egg recipe here!

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