5 Fascinating Facts About Wine

Wine has been around for centuries, and it’s made its way into our cultures, home, and celebrations in so many different ways. 

However, many of us know so little about this drink we cherish. So, as you sip your favorite red wine, here are some facts you can enjoy! 

Cheers Wasn’t Originally A Very Cheery Tradition People clinking their wine glasses together

Have you ever wondered where the custom of clinking wine glasses and saying cheers came from? One would assume the custom was born from a celebratory and cheerful perspective. But you couldn’t be more wrong about this. 

It turns out the Romans had very little faith in each other, but they did drink together. So, they’d bump their glasses to spill some wine from one cup to the other. This way, no one could try to kill the other by poisoning (makes very little sense to us, too—nobody ever thought of not drinking with people they couldn’t trust?)

The Romans could’ve also just taken notes from Greeks who came much earlier. They had a custom where the host had to take the first sip to prove that they weren’t poisoning the guests. 

China Loves Red Wine, and It Shows

Did you know China has the biggest market for red wine? Apparently, the Chinese love wine—since it ranks fifth in wine production—but they have a soft spot for red wine, in particular. 

The popularity isn’t just due to the amazing flavor of red wine but also because of its color. Red is considered a lucky color in Chinese culture and is, therefore, a favorite across the country. Their government even favors it. And so, people prefer drinking red wine because it may bring them luck! 

There Are Multiple Ways to Hold A Wine Glass Incorrectly 

Many people may not know or care about this, but there are plenty of wrong ways to hold a wine glass and very few right ways to do it. You may think it’s just some sophisticated and pompous show of wine culture and practices, but there’s more to it. 

If you want to have the best wine experience, you have to hold the glass correctly—there’s science behind it. If you hold the glass from the bowl instead of the stem, the heat from your palm will warm up the contents inside the glass. Your wine would be the wrong temperature as you drink it.  A person holding a wine glass incorrectly

Wine-Related Laws Are A Lot More Laid-Back Today Than They Were Centuries Ago

Today, you may get a ticket for drinking and driving, but things were far more serious a few centuries ago. 

For instance, have you heard about Hammurabi’s Code? It dates back to 1800 B.C., and it had a wine-related law. Based on that law, wine sellers committing fraud had a scary fate—they were supposed to be drowned to death. 

Also, Romans were pretty misogynistic when it came to wine. Women weren’t allowed any wine, so a husband who found his wife drinking was allowed to kill her! 

Nobody Would Bat an Eye If You’d Spit Out Wine During A Wine Tasting 

This is something you should definitely know before attending your first wine tasting. At these events, you’d be trying multiple wines. And so, it’s okay to take a sip and let it sit in your mouth for a bit before spitting instead of swallowing. This would keep you from getting drunk one hour into the event. 

So, do you want to try your first seated wine tasting? Come over to Augusta Vin—we’re one of the finest Texas wineries and offer an exciting tasting room service for wine!

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