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Stephanie from Studio 512 interviewed Andre Boada on what makes Augusta Vin an unique Texas Hill Country Estate Winery.

This story appeared first on Studio 512. Augusta Vin Estate Winery is devoted to transcending the Texas Hill Country winery. From the quality of their grounds to the panoramic views of their lush vineyard, their passion to create a perfect balance of superior wine and an elevated educational experience is evident in everything they do. Stephanie spoke this morning with Andre Boada about what makes their Winery so unique.

What is an estate winery?

When you do an estate basically you grow your own grapes, you produce the wine on property, and you bottle it here as well. When you visit you get to try wines primarily from these wines and you get to experience everything we’re doing here.

Tell us about your wine club at Augusta Vin.

Our wine club is pretty dynamic. We have three different levels with quarterly shipments. There’s no cost to sign up and you can get discounts and special releases. We do small batches of around 300 cases or so and so it allows our members to try our newly released highly anticipated wines. We also hold private events just for our wine club members.

What makes you different from other wineries in Texas Hill Country?

As a destination winery with a luxury tasting room overlooking estate vineyards it’s a very unique space. There’s nothing like it here in Fredericksburg out in the Hill Country. We have plenty of outdoor space as well as indoor space and once you see it you’ll want to come out and experience it for yourself.

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